My name is Elizabeth and I am 27 years old. I am originally from California where my Dad was stationed. He was later transferred to Camp Lejeune located in Jacksonville NC where I grew up. I moved up to Boone last year to begin working on my Masters Degree.

I have a wonderful family back in Jacksonville. In addition to my parents and my sister, I also have 2 nephews that are the loves of my life. Liam Finley is 4 months and Ayden (the one in the picture) is 5 and just starting Kindergarten 😀

While I didn’t always know I wanted to be a teacher, I always loved working with kids. My Mom ran a daycare and for many years I assisted and eventually took over teaching dance classes at a local studio.

I got my Associates in Arts degree from Coastal Carolina Community College and went on to get my Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I orginally came to Appalachian State to pursue a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, but recently switched to the Reading Education Department. I have loved reading from a young age. I always had a book in my hand where ever I went. My favorite time of day in school was when the teacher read to us or when I could read silently to myself.  Today my passion of reading continues and I hope to share that passion with others 😀

I am often asked ‘what’s next’ after I receive my Masters. To that question I do not know! There are so many places to go and so little time. I would like to teach internationally if possible either just by joining an organization to some place like Haiti or Belize, or working for the DOD (Department of Defense) Schools overseas. I believe the right opportunity for me will come in time. While I do prefer teaching 2-5 grade, I would be glad to work at any grade level available.

I believe that I learn and grow everyday and I hope to bring that same idea with me where ever I go!


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